Elston McCowan on St. Louis Ward 2 Issues

  • Develop a qualified and knowledgeable group of dedicated people to work with existing businesses to ensure their continued growth and development within Ward 2.
  • Spend monies earmarked for services on repairs and making the homes more energy efficient.
  • Spend the 2 million earmarked dollars to upgrade parks in Ward 2.
  • Support subpoena power for the Civilian Review Board, which reviews police misconduct.
  • Work with existing agencies to hold Job Fairs in Ward 2.
  • Clean up streets and alleys in the Ward 2.
  • Streamline the process for removing lead out of homes.
  • Create recreational activities and summer jobs for youth.
  • Prevent crime by improving education and job opportunities.
  • Support all shelters and homes for the homeless.

Elston McCowan on St. Louis Issues for Missouri and America

  • Many of the challenges confronting St. Louis can be addressed at a local level, but not some of the most important issues. Therefore, when McCowan is elected to the Board of Aldermen, he will call for a Conference of Progressive Urban Elected Officials. The Conference will address needed funds for schools, libraries, parks, job training, recreational programs, construction of affordable housing, employment opportunities that pay a livable wage and other needs of US cities. Needed funds are unavailable due to endless wars for a bloated Pentagon budget. Many problems are made worse by the current administration – climate change, racism, and a horrible role model for young Americans – requiring urban leaders to come together to coordinate their local efforts.   

Elston McCowan on St. Louis Community Development and Job Creation

  • In the past 50 years St. Louis has deliberately failed to make the infrastructure investments needed to prevent urban blight, particularly in north St. Louis. Of the 6850 city owned vacant lots over 93% are located in nine north side wards including the Ward 2. A fierce opponent of gentrification, McCowan will bring together a consortium of public and private resources to establish Rebirth St. Louis, a non-profit enterprise dedicated to funding affordable housing, community businesses, solar gardens, urban farms and attractive parks while creating thousands of jobs at all skill levels.   

Elston McCowan on Improving the Environment

  • Representing one of the most industrialized wards in the city, McCowan will work on getting St. Louis running on 100% renewable energy to save citizens money and protect their health. He will promote educational campaigns and incentives to re-enforce energy reduction. He will dedicate more funding for the clean-up of blighted contaminated industrial sites and call for higher emission standards for local industries. McCowan supports a North-South Metrolink line through the City that will significantly improve air quality while enhancing racial equity in mobility. McCowan will dedicate vacant lots for organic farming, supporting local initiatives, whose focus is community building and self-reliance. He will call for the immediate elimination of the dangers of Westlake landfill.   

Elston McCowan on Policing, Jails and Crime Prevention in St. Louis

  • McCowan will emphasize crime prevention by re-directing resources to strengthen families and the community. He will call for court reform that abolishes the cash bail system and decreases the jail population. He will promote drug treatment, trauma counseling, mental health services and alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders. McCowan will support re-entry programs that engage the whole community. He is a strong supporter of subpoena power for the existing Civilian Review Board that oversees police misconduct and calls for better training and de-militarization of the police. With two correctional facilities in his ward, he will call for civilian oversight over St. Louis jails to improve the inhumane conditions.   

Elston McCowan on Health Care

  • As Alderman, McCowan will call on the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen to commission and publish an independent study of the financial costs of our fragmented, unequal health care, including all costs to our city, and out-of-pocket costs incurred by our citizens. He will ask the Board of Aldermen to endorse, by Resolution, the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Act and urge passage by our state representatives. McCowan will support providing timely access to health and mental health services of the highest quality for every resident, and lowering health care costs through a single, non-profit administration. McCowan will endorse campaigns and healthy life style education, as well as focus on reducing social stressors and eliminating environmental toxins to prevent chronic diseases.   

Elston McCowan on Labor

  • We must strengthen and grow unions in St. Louis, Missouri, the US and the world to gain living wages, job safety and democratic workplaces. In Missouri, this means fighting phony “right to work” laws and opposing the legislature's ban on local control of minimum wage standards. We must assert the right of St. Louis to have a $15/hour minimum wage. Having been a Public Sector Director for SEIU and a Business Agent for AFSCME, Elston McCowan knows how to organize for workers' rights.  

Elston McCowan on honoring “Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing”

  • The 2nd Ward houses a little known historic gem, obscured by industry and the Mississippi levee. In 2001, St. Louis’ only well documented Underground Railroad Station was accepted as Missouri's first site into the National Park Service's "National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom" Division. As Alderman, McCowan will enhance its public recognition and support its educational mission by allocating resources.